9 Must-Do’s in New York

New York- The Big Apple- is one of the most Famous cities in the world. There is always something to do, somewhere to go or somewhere to see. But if for some reason you find yourself stuck on things to do… try these 10 New York must-do’s.

1. 9/11 Memorial Museum

This museum is a beautiful tribute for a horrible event. I found it extremely informative as someone who had very little knowledge about the tragic event. It includes remnants of the towers, photographs of both the event and everyone who passed away along with their a short blurb about their life, and several visual presentations.

COST:ย $24 USD for adults

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For history/ art lovers and artifact enthusiasts, this is a great option! The MET is full of historic artifacts including Egyptian tombs, medieval armour and even modern art.

COST:ย $25 USD for adults or just a donation for New York locals

3. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is well known for it’s structure, but no so much for it’s surroundings. Visiting the bridge will lead you to a small range of waterfront swing benches, restaurant/ bars and coffee shops. If you go at the right time, you’ll even see a local food festival.

COST: Free

4. Central Park

Central Park is a beautiful escape in the concrete jungle. It is full of life and charm with it’s many attractions including buskers, water fountains, and a pond with remote control sail boats. If you go in the warmer months, you’ll even find people dressed up, reading books to match the parks statues.

COST: Free

5. Time Square

Going to Time Square was always a huge dream of mine as a kid! All the flashing lights and constant night life seemed like such a thrill and experience you have in so few places. Well let me tell you, it certainly lived up to it’s reputation. There is so much to see including people in character costumes you can take selfies with and if you’re there for New Years Eve, you’ll get to see the ball drop.


COST: Free

6. Broadway

Broadway is one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences for non- NY natives. You may have gone to the theatre in your hometown but nothing is quite like the Broadway experience. I saw The Lion King and was very impressed by the technical costumes and stage set as well as the crowd interaction. The price can be a big set back, however you can find VERY cheap tickets in Time Square from a booth called TKTS.


COST: $45- $300 USD

7. Street Cart Pretzel

One of the first things I would think of when I heard the words “New York” would be street cart pretzels and hotdogs. I unfortunately didn’t get to live out my childhood dream of buying a hotdog from the side of the road BUT I did get to try a delicious pretzel! They are a lot different than what I was expecting and turned out to be like warm bread. I didn’t really enjoy the masses of salt added so if you’re like me, be sure to ask for little to none when you get one!



8. New York Pizza

NY is also notorious for its pizza… and now I know why! Their slices are not only HUGE but also delicious. Find yourself in a hidden pizza shop and try some of the best.


COST: $2-$3.50 per slice

9. Statue of Liberty

Another bucket list number was checked off when I visited the famous Statue of Liberty. She really is quite incredible and much greener than I was expecting.


COST: Free