3 Kick-Butt Travel TED Talks To Inspire You

If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get out there and travel, these TED Talks are a good kick in the butt. They’re inspiring, relatable and best of all… REAL. After watching these, I questioned myself as to why I make travelling seem like a difficult and expensive hobby when in reality, it can be as cheap as you need!

How To Travel The World With Almost No Money | Tomislav Perko

“You don’t have to be brave to travel, you just have to have a little bit of courage to start; to leave.”

“I hitchhiked… it allowed me to have an adventure from point A to point B”

“13 days of working [as a “professional traffic diverter” in Australia] payed off 8 months of travel from Croatia, all through South-East Asia and down to Australia.”

The Value Of Travel | Rick Steves

“There’s so many misconceptions between people and when we travel, we straighten them out.”

“Every year, 8-10 distinct languages go extinct. That’s 8 or 10 ethnic groups that lose a long struggle.

In this talk, Rick raises the issue of drugs in Europe compared to the USA which I personally find very interesting due to the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada. (About 16 minutes in)


Travel More & Buy Less | Luis Vargas

Luis shares his feelings of an upbringing as a Mexican living in San Diego and the struggle of feeling like a misfit; a citizen of nowhere.

“Only 40% of Americans have a passport and less than 30% of international travel goes outside Canada and Mexico.”