My 7 Favourite Travel Instagram Accounts

In the past 5 or so years, Instagram has become a platform to take portfolios and photography to new heights. These accounts listed below have learnt how to execute an attractive and consistent account. Give them a scroll to see their stunning photographs.


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Robert King is an Australian photographer who has become an ambassador/ contributor to several travel related companies. His photographs use interesting angles and and earthy tones to create a very aesthetic page.



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Travel Her Co. is “a community of travel loving, adventure living, Jesus chasing women who bring kingdom at home, at work & abroad”. Check out their page for some inspirational captions and an adventurous collaboration of photographs.



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Fabian Huebner is an adventure and lifestyle photographer with a very unique style. He uses a consistent dark, dramatic tone to his photographs making them very eye-catching and interesting.



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Andre Diaz is a self confessed travel addict which is evident in his wide variety of destination shots. His use of black with a pop of colour gives his page a bold hit.


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“Marcel- From Germany” has a lot of powerful photographs, particularly with water. He manages to capture even the simplest of sceneries in such a beautiful way and even cloudy days seem to be nothing short of exciting for this experienced photographer.


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Sorelle Amore is one of those people that you can’t help but be in anticipation for their next post. She is continuously one-upping herself with her stunning “advanced selfies”. Most, if not all, photographs are taken by herself.


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“@Braedin” is a Christian photographer heavily focused towards travel and nature. His strong use of blue keeps a consistent tone throughout his feed while giving a crisp look.


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