7 Shocking Health Statistics about Papua New Guinea

This time last year, I was with YWAM Townsville (Australia) in my Primary Healthcare school and preparing to go to Papua New Guinea for the second time that year. I learnt a lot of shocking health statistics and thought it was about time I shared them with those unaware or as a refresher for those who did know.

1. There is only 1 dentist to 100,000 people.

With 8 million people in PNG, it’s crazy to think of how many people go without seeing a dentist in their lifetime! A lot of people are in so much pain they end up ripping out their own teeth or knocking them out with rocks. Having such easy access to a local dentist is something I know I definitely take for granted.

2. 5 women die in childbirth every day

3. Someone dies from tuberculosis every 2 hours

4. 1 in 13 children die before the age of 5

5. There are less than 400 Doctors throughout PNG

That means there is only 1 doctor for every 20,000 people and only around 50 of those work outside of Port Moresby, the nations capital. (This does not include healthcare workers.)

6. 1 hospital bed per 250 people

7. 1 person dies every 8 hours of HIV

I hope these facts opened your eyes at least a little bit and that you grow a new understanding about the health issues and needs of the world.

– Taylah xx