How To: Save Money To Travel with 5 Easy Tips

As we all know, travel can be very expensive and it can take months or even years (depending on your job) to save up enough money to go on a really great trip. So, let me give you a few tips on how I saved up around $7000 in 4 months to move overseas and travel.

  1. Airtasker

Airtasker is a website where people all over Australia post “tasks” they need fulfilled. This can range anywhere from building a shelf to designing a logo. Some tasks obviously have to be completed in person but there are also a lot of tasks that can be completed online which is one of the main ways I made/ make an income. (There are also more task sites than Airtasker so be sure to have a look.)


2. Half Going Out, Then Half it Again

Are you a social butterfly that loves going out to dinner/ a movie with friends? Well, that alone can take a HUGE hit in travel savings. If you’re going out to a meal with a friend 4 times a week and spend $20 each time, that’s $80 a week and $320 a month! WHOA! So, something to try while you’re wanting to save, is half the amount of times you go out, then half it again.

3. Pick up Extra Shifts

The majority of jobs I’ve had in the past have been shift work and like all good shift jobs (sarcasm), people like to cancel their shifts. This is a great opportunity to pick up those shifts to make some extra money. Go and have a chat to your boss and let them know you’re more then willing to work whenever they need someone!

4. Sell What You’re not using

Buy, swap and sell websites and Facebook pages are an absolute God sent. Go around the house and gather all those clothes you no longer wear and things you don’t use and put them up for sale! This is a sure fire way to make some quick cash for your savings pig. Don’t forget, sometimes a little spruce up to some old furniture etc. can allow you to tack on some $dollars$ when selling it.

5. Take Advantage of “Chuck Out Day”

If you’re the innovative, crafty kind… this tip is definitely for you! In Australia we have certain times of the year that we call “Chuck out day” where people put their unwanted goods/ trash on the kerbside for the counsel to collect, but, sometimes you get lucky. I have found cute chairs, lamps, tables and lounge suites (just to name a few) that I have upcycled and sold for a really good price. So if you have the time, this might be something you can do to get a decent one-off payment.


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Taylah xx

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