10 Hacks to Survive Long-Haul Flights

Just a few weeks ago I spend a total of 50 hours, yes **50 HOURS** travelling from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia to the snow and cold of Calgary, Canada. I’m not going to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had… but it definitely wasn’t the worst. So here are a few tips to Surviving Long-Haul Flights.

  1. Get that Netflix Account Stocked and Loaded!

One of the best things you can do is to download the Netflix app onto your phone/ tablet and download hours worth of your favourite TV shows and movies. It will save you that extra bit of money you might’ve spent for on board entertainment.

2. Watch your iPhone Movies on the “Big Screen”

If watching on a small screen isn’t really your jam and you have an apple iPhone and MacBook, follow these easy steps to watch them on the “big screen”! All you have to connect your iPhone and laptop via USB, open QuickTime Player (included on all MacBooks), go to file then New Movie Recording. Once the camera pops up select your device for both Camera and Microphone in the drop down menu next to the record button and HEY PRESTO! Whatever is on your device will be on screen. Don’t forget to turn the volume up in that same drop down menu and to also control everything from your phone, not the computer.

3. Snacks Make the World go Around

Airplane food tends to be quite expensive with the unfortunate fact that the quality usually isn’t  one to match. Taking your favourite snacks in your carry on luggage is a sure-fire way to eat something you actually like without having to pay hundreds of dollars (slight exaggeration). 

4. All Airplanes have Hot Water!

Keeping on the trend of food, if you’re looking at having a CHEAP meal or drink, take your own cup-a-noodles or packet hot beverages on board! Needing some tea? Pack a few bags and ask the hostesses for a cup of hot water. Most of the time it’s free and if not, it sure is cheaper than buying tea from the menu.

5. Take some Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are a fun way to keep your brain active on a seemingly mind-numbing trip. Crack out the sudoku, mazes and crosswords to break up all the screen time.

6. Crack out the Ole’ iPod

I have had my iPod touch since about 2009 and it’s still one of my favourite travel accessories! I have years worth of music loaded onto it (but sadly haven’t kept the software up to date so it no longer connects to the internet) making it perfect to keep all my music on whilst my phone holds all (if not most) of my movies. Music is a great way to drown out those crying babies and chatty/ snoring neighbour passengers.

7. Edit your Photos/ Video Footage

If you’re a photographer/ videographer (professional or otherwise), long-haul flights are a great way to spend the time needed to edit your work without the stress of having other things to do.

8. Write a Blog Post

If, like me, you find writing new material for your blog takes a lot of motivation and a distraction-free zone, then long-haul flights are perfect for you! Plug in your headphones and get those fingers typing for the hours ahead. Even if you don’t have the mental capacity to roll out a whole new post, flights are also a great opportunity to brainstorm and plan future posts.

9. Pack the Right Stuff

Sleep and comfort are two major factors that can make or break a flight. I always recommend packing an eye mask, blow up neck pillow and a blanket or extra jacket. There’s nothing worse than being cold and uncomfortable for hours on end. Have a think about the things that can make you as comfortable as possible.

10. Fill up your Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important all the time, but even more so when flying. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry on bag and fill it up right before you get on the plane. There’s always a water fountain around and it saves you having to throw away a full bottle at security.

I hope these tips help your next flight to be as productive and comfortable as possible! I’d love to hear your tips for surviving a long-haul flight!

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Taylah xx