18 Things to do in Boracay

As I sit here at the Singapore airport waiting for my flight home, it’s time to look back at all the wonderful things I’ve had the opportunity to do as yet another adventure comes to a close. Here is my top 20 things to do in Boracay and if brave enough, I challenge you to do the same!

1. Eva’s Fruit Shakes

These fruit shakes were absolutely to die for! Eva’s pineapple/mango shakes were well worth the half hour walk from station 3 to station 1 almost every day. Of all the shakes we tried in Boracay, this P100 ($2.50 AUD) shake is definitely #1! (Bonus hint, the locals like their shakes with milk and about 10 thousand spoons of sugar so make you ask for it without if you prefer the natural sweetness).


2. Parasailling

A little nerve racking at first, I’ll admit… But parasailing in Boracay is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You’ll see the island from new heights and for just P1500 ($37.50 AUD) it’s well worth it.


You can get a package deal for doing more than one activity! We did parasailing, helmet diving and a sunset sail for just P2000 each ($50 AUD). #worthit



3. Helmet Diving

Have you ever wanted to walk on the ocean floor? Well, this is your chance. The idea of having a huge bowl on you head while essentially sinking to the bottom of the sea can be terrifying at first but upon the descend, you quickly learn to love it. Feeding fish and having a fishy photoshoot doesn’t get much more fun than this and for just P800 negotiable ($20 AUD) it’s well worth the thrill.

FullSizeRender 2

4. Lea’s Healing Hands Massage

It goes without saying that getting a massage is up there on any tourist’s to-do list. We had a terrible first experience with one of the salon’s (my masseuse had long nails and scratched me the whole time)… so we were hesitant to give them another go but oh, boy am I glad we did! Lea and Joselle are my most recommended massage therapists and were worth every cent of the P450 ($11.50 AUD)! You’ll find them outside the Grand Blue Hotel and they can perform the treatment in the comfort of your own hotel.

5. Island Hopping

If being on the water is more your style, island hopping is the way to go. Tours are usually around 3 hours and you will go snorkelling, sailing and as the title has already given away, hop from island to island. The price varies from P1000-4000 depending on the time of boat and amount of people but as already mentioned, getting a package deal will save you $$$.

6. Puka Beach

Found on the far side of the island, Puka beach is a tourist attraction in itself. This must-see tourist destination offers hair braiding, fresh coconut water, snorkelling and even shopping right on the beach. Spend the day or just an hour, either way this sandy heaven costs nothing but a tuk-tuk ride.

7. Beach Walking 

Shoes off, swimmers on. You can spend hours strolling along the shore or just walk along the beachfront shops. The sound of the waves crashing on the sand is enough to relax any stressed visitor. The walk from station 1 to 3 is approximately 35 minutes (depending on how many crowds you have to push through).


8. Hair braiding

The answer to taming any beachy-mane is the beachfront hair braiding. Not just for women, you will even see many men rocking side braids with coloured wool woven throughout.

9. Army Navy 

If you find yourself missing the familiarity of western food, then Amy Navy is the place to go. Even though it’s “Mexican” we found ourselves going back every few days (once we discovered it). Located in station 1, I highly recommend the chicken naked burritos and chicken wings.

10. Zipline and Cable Car

Another nerve racking experience (but also totally worth it) that you can experience  either on your own or with a partner (in tandem) is the zipline and cable car. Soaring through the air head first while overlooking the picturesque scenery is a unique experience that unfortunately only lasts a short minute but the cable car back up the hill makes for a fantastic photo opportunity. We got a package for the zipline and island hopping for P4300 for 3 people.

11. Sunset Sailing 

Sunset sailing is a fantastic photo opportunity for any photographer looking to see Boracay from another angle. Though the sail is only about 20 minutes in length, it was a great little afternoon activity and very relaxing. I recommend going as late as possible to get some killer shots! (Unnegotiated prices average at P500).

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12. Crystal Cove Island 

THIS. IS. A. MUST. SEE! Crystal island is SUCH a great attraction. We went here during island hopping and deserves a mention all on its own. You arrive at the island by boat, pay P200 at the gate and then are welcomed into a whole new island experience. The island music and dancers provide a fun photo opportunity and from there you have free range. There are 2 different coves to explore along with a museum, various huts/ lookouts and even a restaurant/ cafe. This is another place you could spend anywhere from an hour to the whole day.


13. Rose Unisex Salon 

Though Rose Unisex Salon has many services on their menu, we only had to opportunity to try the manicure/ pedicure (*which was just P500!* ($12.50 AUD)). We spent 2 hours being scrubbed, filed and painted, and let me tell you, their foot and hand massages are to die for. Though I did have a little cuticle cut a bit too far, it definitely didn’t detract from the great experience and price. Go see Jessica and Grace and tell them I say hi!

14. Station x

Station X is a combination of food, a hotel, pool, shop and bar all rolled into one. It’s a great place to go if you’re missing a bit of a western environment and I highly recommend trying the mango, cashew slice from The Tart Shop.

15. Tuk Tuk Ride

Tuk tuks take transportation to a whole new level and though a little scary at times, they’re something you can’t experience in a western culture. There are both electric and motor options so feel free to choose based on your adrenaline level.


16. Hey Jude Foosball

Hey Jude is a hotel and restaurant right on the beachfront of station 3. Head on over to have a crack at their foosball table and stay long enough and you’ll find yourself in an intense tournament with the hotel staff. Competitive or not, you’ll be sure to have a great time and a few laughs. Be sure to tell them I say hi!

17. Boracay Star Comedy Bar & Disco Karaoke

Located in station 3 is one of Boracay’s most loved restaurants by Asian tourists- Boracay Star Comedy Bar & Disco… but the food is not why it’s on this list. The restaurant have ladyboys perform every night (which are so entertaining to watch!) and they sing a huge range of songs from current hits to Chinese classics and everything in between. Towards the end of the night they even have karaoke and I challenge you to be brave enough and give it a go, even if there’s only a couple of people still left in the crowd.

18. Nagisa Japanese Restaurant

Go to Nagisa Japanese restaurant and do yourself a huge favour- try their ramen and miso soup! Their quick service won’t leave your mouth watering for long and with flavours like theirs, you’ll be cheering when the waiter makes it to your table. Prices range from just P50, perfect for those travelling on a budget.