Meet Slick

His eyes were wide from the glasses he wore. His skin thick and leather-like from a lifetime in the sun. He was a small man, about 5’4, but had the personality of someone 10 foot. His mouth was “colourful” and embellished every sentence.

He enjoyed the peace and quiet of a single life in a small town of just 80. “No one to bother you” he would say. He kept to himself though tended to the town’s campground. Despite his loneliness, he was a cheerful man and had a bounce in every heavy step which flowed from his warm heart. Fishing was one of his great loves and even if he caught but a drop in the river; it was a place to sit and be still.

He spoke of his younger days, jockeying. Starting at just 15 years old, he won more races than remembered and was proud to say he was the longest holder of a duel license to ride and train horses. “40 years in the game was long enough” he told. His love of racing only led him out of Queensland twice in his life; once to Melbourne at 15 years old to visit a racetrack for the day, and the other to compete in Murwillumbah, just over the QLD border. It was obvious he loved his state. “I can tell you all about diets, I’ve been on one my whole life!” he went on to say as he proceeded to cook the only meal he has during the day: dinner… and it was an honour he shared it with us.

Meet Slick.