Excitement is a Lifestyle

In just 8 short weeks we (IPHC (Introduction to Primary Healthcare)) have covered a wide range of topics including HIV counselling, community development, immunisations, anatomy and physiology and essential drugs, just to name a few. At times it has been overwhelming but also SUPER exciting. My favourite weeks have probably been Vital signs & God’s Heart for the Poor and Needy and Immunisations. Learning how to give immunisations and manually take blood pressure/ recognising unhealthy respiration, pulse and temperature has been something that I never thought I’d be able to do…but here we are. Giving injections/ immunisations is something I’ve been waiting to do since my DTS so I was a little over-excited.

We have had a few exciting event happen over the past 2 weeks:Β Breakfast By The Sea,Β the Ship Open Day and signing an agreement with Israel. The breakfast saw around 700 people come together to celebrate the work of YWAM in PNG whilst thanking the people who allow us to do what we do (sponsors, people in the Townsville community etc). The ship open day saw over 500 people come onboard the MV YWAM PNG and have a look at our new renovations and gain some insight of what we do in PNG. You can read more about theΒ Agreement With Israel.

Check out this video our August throwback video below!


In just under 1 week, we start our first outreach to some Aboriginal communities in North Queensland for 2 weeks. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing yet but it will be teaching based as we aren’t allowed to do any medical works in Australia/ the 1st world. After this 2 weeks, we come back to base for 2 more weeks of lectures then of to PNG!

IPHC will be splitting into 2 teams once in PNG- land and ship. The land team will be doing some light trekking and educating/ treating land based communities in the Morobe Province. The ship team (my team) will be going to Oro, Gulf and Western Provinces. We will be setting up clinics in riverside villages whilst living on the ship for around 6 weeks. After this, both teams will meet back together in Port Moresby and potentially work in a clinic I visited whilst on my DTS.

I’m excited to return to Gulf and see those I met on my DTS build on those relationships and to revisit the Four Square clinic and be able to help and assist more medically.

It’s been sad being away from home for so many birthdays. So happy birthday again Ash, Sam, Nan and Dad! I miss and love you guys!

I would like to again thank all of my supports, both is prayer and finances. It means so much to have people back home cheering me on and pushing me forward in what God is calling me to. If you would like to support me, please feel free to contact me! I am still needing around $2,500 for my outreach before I can go to PNG and as a school we are believing for approximately $20,000. We would love to hear your encouragement, prayers and fundraising ideas to allow everyone to come along this journey of missions, even if it can’t be physically.

Much Love,

Taylah xx

Prayer Requests

  • Breakthrough in finances both individually and as a school.
  • Openness to being fluid during outreach.
  • Teachable hearts during outreach as a team and for the people we will come in contact with.
  • Protection again any sickness
  • Fresh personal revelations


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