Lacking in Nothing; Joyful in Everything

The past almost 3 weeks have been one of my biggest adventure yet.

On March 30th, 30 of us flew over to PNG on the first ever flight from Townsville to Port Moresby. Not long after arriving we said our goodbyes and split into our teams; land and ship.

The ship team (my team) piled into the back of a truck and drove to our “home” for the next couple of weeks. It was funny how the locals would smile and wave or beep at us because of our pale skin.

We sailed to the Gulf Province the day after we arrived on the ship.
My job for the 1st week was the galley (kitchen). The hours were really long, work was intense and it was very hard on my poor little feet but we got to eat a lot of food before we served it and sung practically all day which was a decent pay off.
The 2nd week I was in media which was definitely more to my liking. Even though I wasn’t in a medical job, it was really nice seeing everyone else’s experiences when editing the photos and videos. One of my favourite videos was of an older man who had just received his first pair of glasses, and I know this sounds so cliche, but seeing the smile on his face was the ultimate reward for the work we’re doing.

Seeing the villages and how little they had was a HUGE wake-up call to me. Seeing how their clothes had rips and holes and how they would lay palm leaves on the ground as flooring was crazy to see. They had so little yet they were still so joyful and welcoming and of the little they did have, they would still give to us.
It definitely convicted me of all the “stuff” in my life that was just excess.

On Palm Sunday we were asked to take the church service in one of the villages. They’d set everything out so beautifully and had hung flowers and laid palm leaves as a walkway.
A few people shared a small testimony (including myself) which led to another ‘student’ giving a sermon. We had an opportunity to pray for some people wanting to invite Jesus into their heart which was an amazing experience.
After the service all of the YWAM staff, students and volunteers were asked to line up and the PNG people in the service went along and shook everyone’s hand.

We visited about 6 or 7 different villages.

The sail from Baimuru back to Port Moresby was horrible. It was about 17 hours of choppy waves and no sleep. I seriously think I was airborne in my bed at least twice. Safe to say no sleep was had that night.

We had the land team come on board a couple of days ago for some more lectures and my gosh, we were so excited to see them. But sadly it’s only for 2 more days and then we split up again for another couple of weeks.

Some exciting news is also that I will be staying with YWAM Townsville for at least another 6 months as I will be doing an IPHC (Introduction to Primary Health Care) which involves coming back to PNG and giving immunizations (and doing other things) which is hilarious to anyone that knows how much I hate needles πŸ˜‰ But this is what God has called me to do and I’m stoked! I will need to raise $7000 so if you would like to donate or sponsor me in full time missions, feel free to message me on Facebook!

Much love,
Taylah xx