Meet Me: Zandreya

Meet one of my favourite people on my DTS. She is so encouraging, vibrant and a woman after God’s own heart! Meet Zandreya!


Zandreya/ Dr Dre


Almost 21!

Where are you from?

Colorado in the US of A

How long have you been a Christian for?

I was born a long time ago into a Christian home as my parents were very strong Christians. They raised my brother, sister and I as Christians but we didn’t go to church very often as my parents didn’t find a church they liked, however, we still knew about Jesus; who He was and what He did. It wasn’t until about high school that I really started pursuing my faith and then through college I got involved in youth ministries and really started getting intimately with my Jesus… and now I’m here!

What is your favourite verse?

One of them is the one I have tattooed. “The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation” Psalm 118:14, but it’s referenced a lot in the Bible. It’s my favourite verse because I love to sing, even though it’s not all about singing, but it’s like my very essence- He is my song, He is my life, He is everything that I let out and exude and He should be the melody of my life. Then strength in my weakness. It’s just a reminder to be weak and let him be my strength instead of trying to be my own. Then He is my salvation. He is why I’m alive, I owe my life to him and desire to give it to him to use.

Why did you sign up for YWAM?

My best friend did it when I was a senior in high school and I’ve always felt really called to long-term missions so I knew it was in the works for me. After she did it I was like “Oh my gosh, I have to do that!” So for about 3-4 years I’d been wanting to do it and I finally got the opportunity, well, God was more like “Do you want to?” and I was scared out of my mind to actually commit to taking a year off school indefinitely and to trust God with finances and everything. But He said he’d do it with me so I decided to apply, got accepted and now I love it and am probably never leaving ( πŸ˜‰ )

Why did you choose Townsville over one in America?

I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world; its different cultures with different people and world views. I wanted to get out of the American bubble so I knew if I was ever going to do a program, it’s kind of a waste to do it in the States (at least to me). I had decided I wanted to do it in January so I looked for the warmest place in January which was Australia and I looked for an outdoor program because I had seen different hiking ones. I think I literally typed in “YWAM bases outdoor programs” then trekking came up and I said “that’s the one I’m doing!” and I figured out it was Townsville afterwards.

Why would you recommend doing the trekking elective?

The thing that got me the most was that they go to isolated villages only reached by walking or helicopter. So thinking about these people who have probably never heard the gospel and people aren’t really willing to go out and see or reach and being able to have the opportunity to help, mister to, show the love of Christ and be an example of His love and grace is was what really got me. The fact that not many people are willing to commit to trekking out, eating who knows what and things like that is what made me want to be one of the few (even though a lot of people are on my awesome team).

What is your favourite thing about being here?

Definitely the people. Being able to be surrounded by people who love and have a passion for Christ and hearing all of their stories is really awesome. Also, the fact that so many cultures and languages are here mushed into one is fantastic.

What has been the most difficult part of being here?

Again, the people! I like my quiet time and having a room to myself where I can be alone and have introvert time. So it’s been hard to never be alone in your bedroom or even just trying to find a bench to sit on. You. Are. Never. Alone!

What is something you enjoy doing?

I love singing and playing tennis, which I have been fortunate to be able to do since being here. I also love swimming and reading but I have no time for that here!

What is a guilty pleasure?

Bacon by Nick Jonas! Hehe