Meet Me: Jared

One of this week’s “Meet Me” is a happy Canadian by the name of Jared! Click to find out who he is and why he came to YWAM.

So I thought I’d start introducing you to some of my amazing YWAM fam and show you a little bit of why I love them. Enjoy! x

Name: Jared

Age: 18

Where are you from?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How long have you been a Christian for?

I’ve been a christian since I was 5 or 6 which is when I first understood what it meant to be a christian. But I would say that I’ve never attempted to follow God wholeheartedly until about 2 months ago.

What is your favourite verse?

Psalm 147:4- He (being God) determines the number of stars and calls them each by name. I find it cool because it gives me a really good picture of who God is; that he oversees everything, that he made everything and cares about everything. It just gives me a glimpse into His mind and how He sees things so it’s incredibly cool.

Why did you sign up for YWAM?

I realised I needed to make my relationship with God and others intentional. I’ve never tried very hard to pursue God in my life so I felt like I needed to do something drastic and drastically different in order to pursue that relationship and grow deeper in my faith.

Why did you choose Townsville as opposed to one back at home?

I’ve always thought Australia was awesome and for years I’d wanted to go there so when I decided I was going to do YWAM, Australia was the automatic choice. I was also really led to the trekking elective because I like to think I’m an active person even though I’m really not (haha) but it sounded like a fun challenge. The staff at the Townsville YWAM also talked me through a lot of things which really helped in my decision.

Why would you recommend the Trekking Elective?

Trekking is cool because it’s the best elective and we have all the best people ;). But seriously, I like the idea of trekking because we get an amazing opportunity to do something that people really haven’t had the chance to do; to go and reach people that haven’t been reached before. God is really developing my passion for that and I’m really excited for it and missions work is just *AWESOME*. I’ve done a bit of missions work in the past and it’s the most incredible thing to see God move because he moves in crazy ways that you’d never really imagine. Just the thought of being able to trek though a jungle to people who have possibly never even heard about God before and to teach and help them in so many different ways is really exciting

What is your favourite thing about being here?

Definitely not the food! But the people here are really awesome and I’m really growing to love them. The speakers here are also pretty great but what I like the most is the challenge of relating to others and being close to a group of 60 people all the time, which is really hard as I’m a bit of an introvert. So the challenge is the best part for me as I feel like I’m doing a lot of growing.

What has been the most difficult part of being here?

Identity week, which was our first major week, because I feel like I’ve been led to believe a lot of lies about myself and God is really trying to flip that around and give me a new image of who I am which I’ve been struggling to accept. God is teaching me a lot which is hard to wrap my head around with my little mind so that’s definitely been one of the most difficult things.

What is something you enjoy doing?

I really like drawing animals because animals are super sick and they’re my fave!

What is a guilty pleasure?

In my shower at home, instead of a curtain there are just 2 glass sliding doors, and sometimes when they fog up I make a butt imprint on them and make a drawing around it trying to be creative. Sorry audience!

What is your favourite drawing that you’ve done?

This drawing (pictured below) is a pitcher filled with everything, the universe and all that embodies, being poured out onto a surface. It represents how God, with his “infiniteness”, pours that out into everything He’s created, in the universe and in us. It’s something that doesn’t stop flowing, He just keeps pouring and refilling everything like he fills our cup to overflowing.