Freedom In Boundaries

Freedom in boundaries- a filter for freedom and condemnation vs. conviction!

This past week has been another emotional roller-coaster.

But the one thing to stick with me is learning in my lecture how there is so much freedom in boundaries! I know, it sounds quite odd and admittedly I had to have a second listen when I first heard it but you read correctly. FREEDOM. IN. BOUNDARIES.

My amazing small group leader gave a great illustration for it.

It’s like a school on a big property that doesn’t have any fences. The kids feel unsure so they play close to the school during free time, but when the school has fences up, the kids go right out to the border, exploring and testing the limits right out to the fence.

You see, boundaries allow us to know where is “safe” so we can play right out to them. We know where the limit is and that whatever happens within them will result in you being more or less okay. But this is where we also must understand the freedom God has given us and how we can exercise it.

For example, we have the freedom to watch movies filled with violence, sex, drugs etc. but we can exercise that freedom by choosing not to watch them and only fixing our minds on what is positive and good. A good filter to have when choosing freedom is “am I happy for everyone to know what I am doing?” A rule the lecturer made with his wife when they were dating was they needed 24 hours to change a boundary. So if they got caught up in a moment, they had to wait 24 hours and if it was still something they both wanted, they could change the boundary. This is definitely something I’m going to apply to my own life, not just relationally but in all aspects.

There’s so much information on this point stuck in my head that I can’t seem to find the words for but another point I want to share is condemnation versus conviction.

It was put simply to us as:

Conviction brings light and truth (2 way conversation)

Condemnation brings self-deprecation and lies (being talked at)

The Lord wants to bring our sin to the light by convicting us in love. His conviction will never tear us down but will always have the intention of freedom. This is compared to  condemnation which devalues us in a way that we believe lies such as “I’m stupid” or “I can’t do anything right.” Simply, if you feel condemned and devalued as a result, these are not of God because our value always has and always will be found in God and nothing else.


  • A sound mind
  • Teachability
  • Patience
  • To find a new level of intimacy with God

Much love,

Taylah xx

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