11 Places to See in One of Italy’s Most Beautiful Regions

The Val D’ Aosta is one of the most beautiful and less known regions of Italy. For those who have not yet had the fortune to visit, we will examine it as far as possible in a sort of virtual tour. Read More


How To: Save Money To Travel with 5 Easy Tips

As we all know, travel can be very expensive and it can take months or even years (depending on your job) to save up enough money to go on a really great trip. So, let me give you a few tips on how I saved up around $7000 in 4 months to move overseas and travel.

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5 Must See Australian Beaches

When I was 9 years old, my parents decided that my family was going to pack up our Gold Coast beach life and travel around Australia in a caravan for a year. Well, this turned into a 3 year adventure and now it is my official duty to report to you my top 5 Must See Australian Beaches (in no particular order).

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5 Free Travel Quote Phone Backgrounds

Hey there, adventurer!

Need something to inspire you towards your next travel adventure?

Well, I have created 5 FREE travel quote phone backgrounds! Simple click here (on a computer) to download the backgrounds. E.A.S.Y.

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How To: Create Graphic Art from a Drawing in 6 Easy Steps

In a recent Instagram poll, I asked you guys what you’d like my next post to be and majority of you voted for this tutorial… so here we go! I’ve been involved in graphic design for a number of years now and have actually been fortunate enough to use it as an income source to be able to travel.  Read More

10 Hacks to Survive Long-Haul Flights

Just a few weeks ago I spend a total of 50 hours, yes **50 HOURS** travelling from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia to the snow and cold of Calgary, Canada. I’m not going to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had… but it definitely wasn’t the worst. So here are a few tips to Surviving Long-Haul Flights.

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5 Essential Tip to Survive a Long- Distance Relationship

Love- it’s a tricky thing… especially when you decide to do it with someone that isn’t in the same town, state or even, like me, the same country. So, let me fill you in on a few ways that Evan and I managed to make surviving a long-distance relationship as bearable as possible. 

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18 Things to do in Boracay

As I sit here at the Singapore airport waiting for my flight home, it’s time to look back at all the wonderful things I’ve had the opportunity to do as yet another adventure comes to a close. Here is my top 20 things to do in Boracay and if brave enough, I challenge you to do the same!

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6 Travel Tips for Boracay, The Philippines

From the crystal blue water to the fire-sky sunsets, it’s easy to see why Boracay’s White Beach is currently ranked second in Asia in “TripAdvisor’s 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards”.

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Meet Slick

His eyes were wide from the glasses he wore. His skin thick and leather-like from a lifetime in the sun. He was a small man, about 5’4, but had the personality of someone 10 foot. His mouth was “colourful” and embellished every sentence.

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Excitement is a Lifestyle

In just 8 short weeks we (IPHC (Introduction to Primary Healthcare)) have covered a wide range of topics including HIV counselling, community development, immunisations, anatomy and physiology and essential drugs, just to name a few. At times it has been overwhelming but also SUPER exciting. Read More

What’s The Rush?!

Whether it’s scrolling through eBay for the closest estimated arrival date, or checking your bank account every few hours to see if that magical pay check has gone through… we all put a rush on life and what happens in it. So here’s my questions, what’s the big rush? We try to rush things and get frustrated when the pace makes it feel as though it’s never going to happen. But why do we do this?! Read More

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